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coincidence – could they have used that word more? we saw V for Vendetta last night with my brother. it was good – i think john enjoyed it a lil more than i did though. about 10 mins left to the movie, everything is climaxing, i’m totally getting into it, and ZOOOOOP! the power goes […]

he gone

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seriously, i hate baseball. it’s a bunch of lazy men standing around scratching themselves and occasionally hitting a ball with a bat…. BUT… i promised John that since we’re married and I make him watch all these top model shows and crap – that he can watch Cubs games this spring/summer :p i mean i […]

fah fah away

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i’m going to be working this weekend – which kinda sucks but i get a day off in lieu so we’re going to plan our lil mini-island getaway around that time. you’d be surprised at how much news can come in and be distributed at 10pm on a sunday night. they cut down trees outside […]