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made in '69

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So another mishap with a BC Ferry – this one could have potentially been a LOT worse. It’s all over the news (national, international) like the time the ferry ran aground in Horseshoe Bay… or like the time the NDP government spent millions of dollars on a new useless fleet… this happened last night on […]

& the kitchen sink

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Google launched a finance site today. this would come in handy with my line of business/my company. it’s Beta right now but we were all expecting this weren’t we? hehe Tourism Autralia is getting some grief due to their latest ads meanwhile the canucks are down in the dumps heading into a 3 game run […]

tell me i'm wrong

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in the absence of my ipod im borrowing john’s today. when we’re at home he’ll party shuffle while we cook or get ready in the mornings and i really enjoy his selection – i’ve been addicted to South lately and just recently to Longwave. they’ve been featured on in the past and boy oh […]

much fun city

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went out on the town last night – john’s second “night on the town” since arriving in october. sure we go out for dinner and to the pub for games and stuff – but this was like… out for dinner… drinkin… dancing… getting home uber-late and not remembering a few details about the night except […]