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i’m hoping to get john’s sister’s permission to post a pic of one of her paintings on my site. i really like her work. for now, check out her site at www.elizabethbollwitt.com.
hopefully we’ll be able to catch john’s family on ichat and have a video conference this weekend as we did the other week – we were able to join in the March Birthdays celeberation at his parents’ house via the laptop.

so much to do this weekend so little time. heading to surrey for lexi’s 6th bday tomorrow. running a million n one errands tonight – including picking up a gift from the registry at the bay that we’ve been putting off… and we’ll have to get to some much needed grocery shopping. also, our building is REALLY great but you have to pay to do laundry – so we need to get some loonies n quarters so we can clean up a lil bit this weekend … we have got a lot of clothing…

and for some reason this afternoon i ranted for a couple mins about people with funny names. somehow i got to Paul Bellini. whenever i mention bellinis to john he thinks of Paul – not the drink. i have never been formally introduced to the on screen work or contest known as “touch paul bellini” – although i did just google it and there’s a wiki site all about him. time for home – happy weekend everyone.

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  1. Elizabeth BollwittThursday, August 2nd, 2007 — 9:04am PDT

    There is no problem with posting any of my images onto your site. Just let me know which ones and I can send you the images. Only restriction is that I have to place a very light watermark onto all my work that I post online that are bigger than 1.5 inches. Copyright issues.

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