one with the squirrels

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There was an article about this live-action Simpsons opening sequence – it’s pretty darn good.

My husband and I did a lot of walking this weekend… Saturday was awesome – sunny, warm, crisp – so nice to get outside… especially after having that nasty cold when I got back to work on Wednesday from the wedding haitus. Life is slowly getting back to normal around here… although it was never really “normal” to begin with – we’re just getting back into the swing of things. the grocery shopping, the walks, being on our own again with nothing to plan and no one to worry about but ourselves. we did our thank you cards last night while watching the Oscars. there are so many places we need to go and people we need to visit. just as soon as life gets on track again we’ll want to stir it up and take a trip or have people visit because it’s just what keeps everything that much more interesting.

And… I will have to do another canucks post soon… so many games, so little time…

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