no crying in baseball

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so if you haven’t lived in vancouver long enough to know… we have wet winters, maybe one day of snow, then a spring-tease if you will in february… like it’s warm, sunny and all the crocuses come out to play. then in march it’s like Ah-HA! Not so fast… we’re going to get some snow. Kinda like the warm sunny April and May then June dumps so much rain on us you’re tempted to go buy an ark.
last night ANTM kicked off. the obvious front runner so far is Nnenna. I really like Mollie’s look though – she’s my new girl-crush.

speaking of model-type people, jennifer good thinks herself as a cougar in her latest blog entry. i have a dislike-dislike relationship with her but i just can’t look away, i check her site at least once a week just to see what’s new and to reiterate that yeah… she ain’t the brightest bulb on the tree. i have to say that i do appreciate (finally) pics of jenny good with her mouth closed and not cocked to the side with her mouth open, tongue showing and glass raised, as-is the norm for her. sorry jenny, i wasn’t the popular girl in school like you :-/

now next week my sister, Jenny, is jet-setting off to london. i’m so jealous. i’ve only been there once and it was for 3 days (maybe 4). i took a red-eye from Boston (although i’m sure i’ve blogged about that before).

i’m going to miss my sister and wish i was over there with her… but when she gets back it’s my niece’s 6th bday so … all those festivities (and cake) will cheer me up. we’re coming into birthday season… sweet!

The next one after her will be Ethan – the big 4. When I was 4 it became my identity. I was Becky4. Signed my name Becky4 and told people “my name is becky four”. Yeah I guess I had some problems as a kid but man, that was a good year.

now it’s time to check in on the NHL trade deadline.

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