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went out on the town last night – john’s second “night on the town” since arriving in october. sure we go out for dinner and to the pub for games and stuff – but this was like… out for dinner… drinkin… dancing… getting home uber-late and not remembering a few details about the night except knowing that you had a kickass time.
my cousin’s wife heidi had her first night out since having baby Kaylee in january – it was much deserved. met up with my brother in law and some other friends. the music selection was well… somewhat “diverse” to put it mildly but with good spirits flowing it was a great time.

the others left around 11:30 and my husband and i stuck around. we shook our groove thangs, salsa’d, cha cha’d, boogied and made out on the dance floor. we’re pretty lucky to have found each other – and to be comfortable enough with each other to dance like complete fools and not even care – we just appreciate and love each other that much more for being able to just be who we are. mush mush mush sorry laura :p

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  1. LoLo D.Tuesday, March 21st, 2006 — 8:15am PST

    It was cute until you said “made out on the dance floor” then I almost gagged. Glad you guys had fun but Heidi et al: You left at 11:30! What kinda Surrey party people are you?!

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