mind that gap pt. 2

Comments 2 by Rebecca Bollwitt
we’re still getting wedding pics sent in to us from all over north america. my new sis-in-law in illinois keeps sending these wicked digital shots, while someone at my church yesterday handed us some pretty great prints.

my sis is taking off again! my mom and sister took off to england/parts of europe in the fall and my sis is off again tomorrow. she’s borrowing my ipod so i’ll be lost for the next week and a half… or i’ll just have to steal john’s but i don’t want to deprive him of his podcasts while he’s out on his morning run. as i’m writing this she’s leaving rude comments and telling me to blog about pizza because ‘it’s good’. i think her 3 toddlers are starting to rub off on her. if she comes at me next with a ‘poopoo’ joke, that’s it.

you can really tell that it’s spring break around the lower mainland… high school boppers on the bus talking about how cool tequilla is and “how it makes your clothes fall off *giggle giggle*” and as if Robson wasn’t already packed with enough shoppers and tourists, all the kiddies are out to play with their parents’ money … buying all the latest mini skirts and fuzzy boots for spring time – or they’re getting flip flops… going right from racoon feet to bare feet – not an easy transition around here. Edit: I know other people feel my pain.

not that it’s horrible to spend your parents’ money :p but i think earning your own is slightly better – even if it is for minimum wage… or a rediculously huge bloated salary. at least *some* people are out there fending for themselves instead of being locked up in their lil princess towers only leaving the house to take their lil baby puntable dogs for a walk and go get a latte on their way home from pilates – ooh what a day…

hmm i appear to be a lil punchy today… on another note…

reading about darren barefoot’s ‘issues’ with wordpress but also seeing john‘s transition to it recently… i’m torn… meh, who reads this stuff anyway… do i make the move – all the cool kids are doing it… meh, who reads this stuff anyway… hmm…. i need mull it over while enjoying more coffee and cookies oh yes… and work.

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  1. JennyMonday, March 13th, 2006 — 12:38pm PST

    Who’s there?
    Aida, who ?
    Aida big pizza and now I’m full

  2. JohnMonday, March 13th, 2006 — 3:46pm PST

    If you do it, you can use me for all the tech support you could ever want! :p

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