laura might beat us there

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going to watch the game now – we could get the PPV at home but come on, it’s more exciting watching it with dozens of strangers and someone pouring your beer for you. 2nd of 3 games in a row vs the oilers… do or die – gotta make something happen – go canucks! (this will be edited drunkenly later, and depending on if they win or lose…and how much i either celebrate or drown my sorrows, it could be rather amusing)

UPDATE: 3/24/2006 08:43:00 AM what a game! although on the walk home all john could say over and over was “i HATE shootouts!” the crowd gathered below us outside on Robson street looking in restaurant windows to catch a glimpse of teh action may have thought otherwise about the excitement of the event.

i thought that smyth’s shot was indecisive and in that case they dont award a goal… but if you gotta look up the rule book and blah blah blah it was in… i guess… doesnt matter though because jarrko and bert put their shots home and we came up victorious. we’re now tied for 6th with anaheim in the west. it sucks it went to OT so edmonton got a point as well but it’s a start… our heads might finally be out of our butts.

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