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Yesterday I was cruising the Okanangan Spring Brewery website, I ended up at their parent company’s site – for Sleeman. On Sleeman’s site there’s a lil blurb about their breweries and a section on OK Spring. From the Sleeman site I click on the OK Spring link – check out our website here – kinda thing. It takes me to which is NOT the OK Spring Brewery site — which is actually I wrote up a lil note in the “contact us” section and I just heard back..

Date: Mar 23, 2006 8:54 AM
Subject: Sleeman Consumer Relations

It appears you are right! Not sure how this happened! We are currently following up to make a correction. We appreciate your kind note! Cheers!

Consumer Relations
Sleeman Breweries Ltd.”

Now if only some free product would be involved – although I just heard back from Sue and they’re sending me something – it just can’t be beer :p … ahh well. just helping out the little guy… well actually the big guy with all the beer.

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