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seriously, i hate baseball. it’s a bunch of lazy men standing around scratching themselves and occasionally hitting a ball with a bat…. BUT… i promised John that since we’re married and I make him watch all these top model shows and crap – that he can watch Cubs games this spring/summer :p
i mean i love PLAYING baseball, i love playing most sports but watching it is as bad as watching golf on TV (which i also enjoy actually playing – not watching). oh and i also love baseball movies: a league of their own, the sandlot, field of dreams (okay well they’re fluffy baseball movies but still).

So we started off the morning walking to the store, the market, then making a breakfast and watching Cubs vs Sox – which was a total snooze-fest UNTIL john turned on the World Baseball Classic. OH BOY! seriously, this is the one of the only times i’ve ever appreciated the skill, talent, sportsmanship, athletic ability and actual excitement that this game has. not to mention the extremly fun time the fans are having in the stands – music, dancing– i wanna salsa!

it took watching Dominican Republic vs Cuba (and we saw another game the other day too) combined with catching a Red Sox game at Fenway in 2003, to realize that just maybe… MAYBE… there could be more to baseball that i just haven’t discovered yet — it’s worth a shot. the final on monday (winner of Korea/Japan vs winner of Domincan Rep/Cuba) be sure to catch it on sportsnet at 6pm 🙂

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