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hm so scientology eh? i really don’t know what it entails… i had to wiki it… alls i know is that celebs are converting like hotcakes. not that hotcakes convert, i just felt like saying that…

Isaac Hayes has quit South Park because it satired scientology. Hmm okay so mocking judaism, christianity, islam, etc etc is okay but that’s where he draws the line? interesting. to each his own… but don’t you think there’s something wrong if you’re going to say if you insult what i believe i quit, but i was okay with you mocking others for years prior to this?

i found this anti-scientology website while “researching” for this post. i’m sure you could make fun of anyone’s religion if you tried (unfortunately), but be wary of the consequences. it’s all about tolerance and respect people. EDIT: I’ll toss in the official site as well for anyone wanting more info (just to be fair, i won’t just post the link to the anti-site :p)

on a completely different note… i’m heading down to america with Lolo and my mumma tonight. gotta do the usual ‘paying of the VS bill’ and seeking out of shoe-deals at mervyns and famous footwear. i only have my paper license since i’m getting my name changed and all… so i have to cart around my passport – with my pic from 2001 (where i have bright blond hair that’s above shoulder-length and i look like a 16 year old crack-whore…nice). hopefully all goes well, the trip will be successful and i’ll come back with lots of goodies. remind me to look for a paper towel holder at target.

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