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the not fun: read the latest developments surrounding the Daily Breakfast podcast on John’s blog. Show some support for one of the most interesting, diverse and amusing podcasts out there by taking a look.
EDIT: April Fools 🙂 gosh, that guy!! he suckered a LOT of people….

now the fun: snow patrol has a new album out and will be touring. i saw them last year at the Vogue with Embrace and it was a lovely show indeed. fun: holly mcnarland has an album not fun: we don’t know when it’s coming out fun: she’s got a booking agency saying she’s ready to book for shows not fun: we don’t know where and when.

fun: canucks game tonight vs the wild at home.

not fun: this format is already annoying me :p

super mega fun: taking the niece and nephews to science world tomorrow — oops i mean “Science World at Telus World of Science” *cough*… yeah… so my sister said the kids want to skytrain out and we’ll meet them there in the morning. oh man, i haven’t been there in ages but it was always a hectic, run-amoky-fun day when we went with school groups. so many things to look at, touch, feel, see, electrocute …. the last time i went tanya had me sit on this contraption and hold these levers… within a few minutes it calculated what minerals your body is comprised of, how much, and their current worth on world markets today. so basically i would be worth $3.40 if sold off as scrap metal – that’s fun.

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