Saturday, March 18th, 2006 — 5:03pm PST
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coincidence – could they have used that word more? we saw V for Vendetta last night with my brother. it was good – i think john enjoyed it a lil more than i did though. about 10 mins left to the movie, everything is climaxing, i’m totally getting into it, and ZOOOOOP! the power goes out. movie off. house lights on. umm…. yeah… so the 200+ people in the theatre are a lil dumbfounded at first… then you overhear the misc. comments “huh?” “what?” “whatta cliffhanger!” “aw man i was just getting into it” hehe… within a few mins the movie picked up again but it really soured things for me. we all got free passes to go back to the theatre but yeah… it was entertaining, humorous, the action or sexy bits weren’t gratuitous… yes, enjoyable – but not rave-tastic.

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  1. […] i walked home (left my ipod at the office grr) and came in to find John reading my Da Vinci code. It’s about time! When we went to see V for Vendetta we ended up getting free passes for the Paramount so we’re going to use those when we go see Da Vinci code — but not until after opening weekend. We’re also looking forward to Over the Hedge :p […]

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