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getting my hair done tonight. i want a cut and colour but i think i’ll settle for cut right now. i’d really like to be brunette again. when i went to get my license she entered my colour (since my roots are showing so bad right now) as my natural colour. so i was thinking… okay probably blond? not quite brown, and not red. apparently “Sandy” is an option now with ICBC so that’s what I am. my mom hates my hair dark anyway *sigh*

the trip last night was somewhat successful. i tried on a pair of jeans, they were wicked, i just wanted a different size. i go to the rack, grab the size i want and take off. i get them home and they’re “SKINNY” cut not boot – wtf?! Skinny is the new tapered? EW! So dissapointing. And, I won’t listen to John anymore – he said to get him “small” t-shirts. So i bought small even though they looked TOO small and yeah… too small… When my sister gets back from Wales we’ll have to head down again so I can return those items. other than that – it was REALLY fun. I came home with a Cinnabon hangover though.

While in the toy department of Target getting Ethan his bday present (although Lexi’s bday comes first, we couldn’t pass up this thing we saw that was just TOO perfect)… anyhoo Laura comes across a lil hand-held 20 Questions game. So she starts playing… the lil device is asking her questions … “is it a household object”, “is it an animate object”… after about 25 questions it says ” I KNOW WHAT YOU ARE!…. ARE YOU A BRASIERE?” …um wrong… after 3 more questions “ARE YOU A SANDWICH?” … no… we were a kitty. stupid game.

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  1. LoLo D.Thursday, March 16th, 2006 — 10:27pm PST

    I’m sorry to say it but the best questions were: 1) is it found on a farm? and 2) is it hard? Yes, I could see how it would think it was a Sandwich!

  2. Jenny in WalesFriday, March 17th, 2006 — 8:28am PST

    um, I just ate the yummiest chocolate ever. Mint Aero ‘bubbles’ soooo good. I bring you some 😉

  3. LoLo D.Friday, March 17th, 2006 — 5:39pm PST

    Did she just say a mint Aero? Jenny does know that we have those here, right? 😐

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