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elements of fun-ness

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the not fun: read the latest developments surrounding the Daily Breakfast podcast on John’s blog. Show some support for one of the most interesting, diverse and amusing podcasts out there by taking a look. EDIT: April Fools 🙂 gosh, that guy!! he suckered a LOT of people…. now the fun: snow patrol has a new […]

BBC…not yet

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A while back my husband was contacted by a student in England (originally from Spain, I believe) who was doing a project on Podcasting and requested an interview with him. John answered his questions during one of his podcasts and the final result is now posted. The student, Manuel, put together an entire site that […]

the real humans won't burn quite so fast

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so counterparts in our Toronto office think they have it really bad in that big ol city. I found out recently that they get paid more than we do for doing the same job. Now this could be based on many factors (seniority, work load etc) but the main reason i’m hearing is the cost […]