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Okay a bit more of a plug for the Canadian Podcast Buffet. You can listen to their latest episode here or subscribe here. They mention that John and I (although it’s his show, I just make special guest-star appearances) are the 3rd podcaster couple they know of where 1 person is Canadian and the other American.
I also want to plug, yet another podcast of Dave Olsen. From the creator of the Canucks Outsider Podcast, comes the Olympic Outsider Podcast John came across it this morning (or maybe before that but he showed me this morning).

Now, enough of that business….Tomorrow is dress pick up and Friday…. is stagette. My sister has somethingplanned – i have no idea. Apparently it’s going to be really fun (i wouldn’t expect anything less from her). More than likely the evening will involve dinner, drinks and lots of good friends. Although I always end up licking or kissing my sister as soon as someone takes a picture – um yeah… I dunno she has that effect on me :p Check back with me on Saturday to see how I’m doing (and what the heck we got up to because I have no idea what the surprise is!)

I’m getting a different kind of nervous everyday. One day it’s worrying about the flowers not being ready for pick up on the big day, and the next it’s worrying about the weather and my fiance running off to America without me. I’m sure everything will be fine and lovely… I just need to de-stress… margaritas anyone?

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  1. JamesThursday, February 16th, 2006 — 9:28am PST

    One you’re married will you still be Miss604? Maybe Missus604?

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