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no more pea coat…maybe

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sun all this week? this is the view from my computer right now. joy 🙂 we’re watching the superbowl on the american channel so that we can enjoy the commercials. at this point john’s fave is the monkeys – I think they were last year too. you can’t go wrong with monkeys – like […]

guestimate your vingle

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i wrote a lovely post this morning then blogger decided to be a complete spazz and delete it – it even deleted john’s podcast/show notes from last night. basically, it was my report on the vancouver podcast meetup last night. there were bloggers, podcaster-hopefuls and gurus all coming together over beer and chicken strips. it […]

NOT cool

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I just found out that my Aunt’s cat is dying. When I used to rent my aunt’s basement suite in her house the kitty and I were close (although she always liked men better…hmmf). It’s been an emotional rollercoaster of a morning (and day, week, month, year…). I’m going to make some french toast and […]


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Ok so planning a wedding is a pretty stressful task. When there’s so much more going on in your life, work, family, stressful timelines and SO much to get done… it’s really nice to slump on the couch for an afternoon watching movies and eating Mocha Almond Fudge ice cream from Safeway. I had a […]

there's a room where the light won't find you

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Okay so we had the wettest January on record. I remember last summer we were on track for the most sunny days, until there was like one day to go and the lil instrument at Environment Canada that measures such things was stolen – so everyone just ‘figured’ we broke that record. Yay Vancouver! I […]