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expo ernie

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(Photo Missing) This picture was taken when I was about a year old. Being born and raised in Vancouver I know quite a few things… It’s possible to get walk-rage at 8:15 in the morning, there are several degrees/classifications of rain (ie. showers, drizzle, pour, sprinkling etc.) and only certain variations require umbrellas… Surrey will […]

no hockey, just beaver

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okay for a non-hockey post… Bell‘s aired its latest commericals featuring Frank & Gordon. Two animated beavers, one with the voice of Norm McDonald – they’re really cute and funny although i’m sure within the next few weeks of seeing them often during commerical breaks the novelty will wear off but still 🙂 EDIT: I […]

get the puck out

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Columbus Blue Jackets were in town last night fresh off a 6 game win streak. We were coming straight from a whoopin’ in Edmonton against whom our stats are less than impressive. There was talk coming into this that our “big line” has not been producing – basically that all the call ups, rookies, 2nd […]

cupboards and sour pies

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Stephen Harper created himself a cabinet. Our 22nd Prime Minister was sworn in today… we’ll have to see what he has in store for Canada meh… I don’t feel like reporting on that right now… I just read on forum that the song Beautiful Blue is the opener for the series Falcon Beach. Featuring […]

feats of strength

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my list of grievances is ever-growing. blogger was giving me a hard time all weekend, it deleted posts and took ages to get anything done. it deleted john’s original posting of the podcast we did together friday night and it kept giving me weird error messages – even going to the page – it […]