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i'll need a nap

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okay um, things jen has told me this morning re: tonight… wear comfy yoga pants, i will have bare feet… then after that i need my boots, tights and makecup – oh sweet merciful crap! what am i getting myself into? :p it doesn’t help that i woke up yesterday with a massive migraine. the […]

lil from column a…

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so… tomorrow… the fun begins. it’s a big huge surprise that jen’s been able to keep secret (same with laura) and i’m, assured we’ll have lots of fun, but i’m still pretty freaked out hehe and well, excited. remind me to take my cam along, take pics, make vids etc. we haven’t really been out […]

make a pest a pet

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Matt Good is embarking on an accoustic tour, yippee! no Vancouver/Victoria dates as of yet. Juno nominees were announced yesterday… sometimes somewhat exciting although this year Nickelback *cough* leads the nominations *sob*. I’m not the biggest Nickelback fan. I admit, I did enjoy the days of Esher and Curb in the 90s but since then […]

sunshine, lollipops, mobile audio

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Okay a bit more of a plug for the Canadian Podcast Buffet. You can listen to their latest episode here or subscribe here. They mention that John and I (although it’s his show, I just make special guest-star appearances) are the 3rd podcaster couple they know of where 1 person is Canadian and the other […]