no more pea coat…maybe

Sunday, February 5th, 2006 — 9:47am PST
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sun all this week? this is the view from my computer right now.
joy 🙂

we’re watching the superbowl on the american channel so that we can enjoy the commercials. at this point john’s fave is the monkeys – I think they were last year too. you can’t go wrong with monkeys – like in the years of eTrade. not sure who i’m cheering for – i guess by geographical association perahps i should cheer for seattle… although i really don’t care. we had a good morning with my mom and now we’re just enjoying some home-made margaritas and foooootball. i just spent a couple mins explaining some rugby rules and regulations to john. i used to play in high school (scrum half) and i still find it more interesting that football, although – the commercials aren’t as interesting.

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