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okay for a non-hockey post… Bell‘s aired its latest commericals featuring Frank & Gordon. Two animated beavers, one with the voice of Norm McDonald – they’re really cute and funny although i’m sure within the next few weeks of seeing them often during commerical breaks the novelty will wear off but still 🙂 EDIT: I just kicked total a$$ at beaver air hockey.
Does anyone know if the Bay sells sporting goods? I know there used to be a section in the one in Surrey Place… and Guildford but I’m not sure about downtown… I just know there’s about 3 floors of womens’ wear and you still wouldn’t be able to find something you would actually want to buy and wear :p

Back to Canadian animals… Our Premier unveils an agreement for the rainforest on the BC coast with hopes to make everyone happy, loggers, first nations, and the endangered Spirit Bear.

Edit: Chris just sent over the Geek test (yes, what a busy day at work eh?) and of course I have to share my results: Modern, Cool Nerd.

Also… I know this may sound totally weird… but whenever I have something on my clipboard, ie. I just copied something and i’m waiting to unload/paste it somewhere on my puter… it feels as though my mouse is like Mario when he’s got a turtle shell he’s carrying around waiting to drop/release it using my right mouse button…. like i can physically feel it all loaded and ready to fire :p no more coffee for me *runs and hides now*

EDIT: One more plug Tod Maffin’s – how to do stuff
The T-shirt thing is cool and the rest is great 🙂

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