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one more day and my future in-laws are in town. i’ve only met them once before in the summer but i feel like i know them a bit more than what you would get out of just spending 1.5 days with someone. john’s on ichat with them periodically, emails and IMs are exchanged, and just hearing him talk about them helps get to know them a lot better. aside from parents, some of his friends are in town this week, and his brother later in the week (including a niece and nephew who just tried their hands at podcasting hehe!)

I really would like the weather to be the same this week as last, but forecasts have been telling me it will have more precipitation, which isn’t the best news. We’re putting together little lists for day trips and meals and hopefully we can share some of the best vancouver has to offer with his parents. i did my best to introduce such things to john when he first came here in the summer so hopefully he can take pieces of that experience and conjure up something fun and tasty for the visitors this week. his mother caught a Food Network special – i think it was 40 dollars a day (watch out for annoying pop-ups on the site) – and she’s looking forward to trying out some of those hot spots.

i still can’t believe how much we got accomplished yesterday – the only thing now is getting the liquor license back and picking up some photos from Future Shop, which was a really good deal btw. We emailed over 60 digital pics and it cost 17 bucks to process them into prints.

I’ve started my 3 day work-week and john’s off for a run. he just sent me this link which i believe he found off vanmega – it calculates your running distance/route in vancouver – handy.

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