luke, be a jedi tonight

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made some wicked peanut butter and oatmeal cookies last night. praises to – just tell them what you have in the cupboards and it spits out a recipe, calculates things, and everything tastes great – of course with a few embellishments on my end…mmm vanilla…

anson carter is back in the line up for today’s game and there’s talk of Cooke being ready for action – although – why come back 1 game before the olympic break? i think he’ll stay off until the nhl reconvenes after Turin.

we listened to an episode of Choogle On with Uncle Weed last night – in which john and i are mentioned. He makes note of the fact i am somewhat of a hockey fan and i have a decent knowledge base. although… recently on john’s podcast (much to his chagrin) i dissed Jovo – who is usually a reliable player – lots of minutes etc… just not my fave and i personally dont ‘get’ what all the ‘jovo is so great’ hype is about. but i’m sure in the future we’ll all have a chance to sit down and discuss, preferably while watching a game and with a beer in hand.

We also listened to the CBC Radio3 podcast while making dinner – it’s mostly music, featuring canadian artists – i dug it.

Check out DarrenBarefoot’s Oscar Contest. My mom usually has an Oscar party every year…including cheesy/tacky themed snacks and ballots to mark up with your wild guesses and hopeful winners’ names – gotta love her.

Tonight I go try on my dress and have it altered. I’m wearing my shoes around the office to break them in (and they’re just so fantastic and match my outfit, i couldnt resist) for 19 bucks you can’t go wrong.

Laura just propositioned me with a cinnamon bun the size of my head – so i’ll cut this off here and update throughout the day, as i am known to do.

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