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Jen was advertising this yesterday – PostSecret. I just called my mom this morning to ask if she would be my valentine – she said yes, score! Thanks to my other Valentine I was able to get my first Starbucks dark roast in several weeks and boy… was it jitteringly-yummy.

When we found out one of our fave bands is going to be playing in Vancouver in April, we both got rather excited. Then we found out they’re playing at the Pacific Colliseum – d’oh! Stadium show?! Sucky. John said it would be okay to see, although he’d much rather go to a Canucks game (if we’re going to be spending that kinda money for a night out). For those of you playing the home game – John, my fiance, is American. (pause). Yes that’s right. He’s acclimated well to living in Vancouver and has grown into a rabbid Canucks fan like the rest of us.Speaking of Death Cab, Ben Gibbard’s other project, the Postal Service is rather miffed at Apple’s Intel ads due to it’s eerie (and almost spot on) resemblance to their video. Watch a side by side comparison here.
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