i'll need a nap

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okay um, things jen has told me this morning re: tonight… wear comfy yoga pants, i will have bare feet… then after that i need my boots, tights and makecup – oh sweet merciful crap! what am i getting myself into? :p it doesn’t help that i woke up yesterday with a massive migraine. the dentist seems to think it’s from ‘night grinding’ and i need to buy a 300 night guard for my teeth. my dental plan at work only covers 80% so yeah.. we’ll have to wait off for a bit. anyway, this migraine – had it over a day now. poppin’ advils and washing them down with coffee – a nice base for whatever jenny has concocted for me tonight.
one lil rant… skytain rage. now we all get walk rage (i would assume, who wouldnt) when walking down crowded robson street but what about skytrain rage? usually everyone works together, piles in during rush hour and makes it work – but every now and then you get a person with a bike during a peak time, or someone who thinks that their needs are greater than everyone elses. i.e. my stop is coming up and im closer to the door than other people – people in the back are also getting off at the next stop, i can tell because they’re panicking and pushing past me because for some reason – even though we are getting off at the SAME stop, they feel the need to push and bump past everyone to be the first out of the gate. chill out. i’m really glad i don’t have to deal with that 40 minute commute everyday anymore – i dont get quite as much walk rage in the 15 mins it takes me to get to work along the waterfront *sigh* seriously… SNOW on my WEDDING DAY?! say it ain’t so 🙁
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