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we orderd some hon’s and waited for the girls to arrive. once jen got here she showed me what i would be wearing that night and let me know what the heck we were doing. we started off at the Pole Dance Studio on Davie – omg a GREAT time, lots of fun and a totally wicked workout. after the “lessons” i changed into my um.. bodysuit … kitty tail, bow tie, fishnets and of course – my whip.
the whip was on my wrist the entire night – here’s why… jen had a pre-made list of “bachelorette to-do items” and of course the girls added on to that… ie. walk up to 10 strangers and say “hi sexy” well they added that i have to whip them too – i then proceeded to find candidates all over town. the dude at the 25cent peep show adult shop was totally fun hehe.

okay so the rest of my items were just as embarassing and i’m really glad i had enough liquid courage in me to accomplish most of them. after the studio we went down to Celebrities – it was alright – and that’s where i completed my “get a piggyback from a stranger” list item.

Once we left there and headed to the Roxy (the journey there being part of the fun) the night really picked up. michelle lost her cell phone but when we called it the clerk at the Shell station on Burrard and Davie answered – that’s where i completed another list item and we then parted with michelle and jaclyn who had to call it a night. laura, jen and i went on to the Roxy, there was a live band, lots of people, and we made a bunch of new friends from Brazil, Switzerland, all over the USA and Spain.

got home around 3am, put my sister to bed on the couch and snuggled in next to john. showed him all the pics in the morning (including the video). it was a lot of fun – i had actually never been to any of those places before and i’m sure i’ll visit again.

we got so much accomplished today (john and i) and my quads are still totally sore from the pole dancing friday night. i have to thank the girls for such a great night, for being able to keep surprises secret and for just being so much fun – i have the best sister, and the best friends – im SO going to cry next weekend…

pics are posted on my flickr site with the tag: miss604stagette

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  1. JennySunday, February 19th, 2006 — 11:21pm PST

    You forgot to mention the guy with his underwear on the outside of his pants that wouldn’t piggy back you. The 2 preppy clean-cut guys that were a little toooo into the whipping and adding to the ‘international’ list , Finland 😉

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