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Stephen Harper created himself a cabinet. Our 22nd Prime Minister was sworn in today… we’ll have to see what he has in store for Canada meh… I don’t feel like reporting on that right now…

I just read on forum that the song Beautiful Blue is the opener for the series Falcon Beach.

Featuring the music of Sam Roberts, Holly McNarland, Sloan, Aveo, Pilate, Matt Mays, Doctor, The Eames Era, Da Griff, Meligrove Band, Mia, Jahranimo, The Mark Inside, Paper Moon and Zukie Joseph, Falcon Beach is a TV movie pilot for a one-hour dramatic series in which class conflict and the drama of youth play out over the long hot days of summer.

Seeing as how I would never be compelled to sit down and watch Falcon Beach (or any other show like it), I’m glad I decided to check out the Holly site this morning and discover this. ALSO there was news about her new album ‘Chin Up Buttercup’ and its launch in the spring – although not confirmed (at least I couldn’t get any solid hits on Google). Holly is by far my favourite female artist (Canadian or otherwise) I SO can’t wait – I’ll be sure to report any updates.

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