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Randomness: Chris just sent me this article about Yupsters.

I could really go for a beer right about now. We were trapesing around Granville Island (during our long ankle-wrecking walk) and came across the brewery. It’s a lil operation but would be neat to check out…and spend a day in…a nice…long..cold refreshing day.

Hockey: Tonight, Pay Per View – Vancouver at Dallas. The Canadians defeated Finland and Russia prevailed over the USA in World Jr. Hockey action yesterday.

Bellini Saga: We caught a bit of the Can/Fin game from our booth at Earl’s. I was being picky and I apologize to the waiter if i seemed unreasonable – i wasn’t too horrible… but those who know me know that i hate pulp. and for some reason there was pulp in my bellini so i inquired about it – that’s all. apparently their sangria is made with orange juice. this i didn’t know – and that would explain the pulp in my bellini. the waiter explained this and i went on to enjoy my drink. although as a result of the whole drink kafuffle he forgot to enter our appetizer order so our dinners came first. i really don’t think i flustered him that much but we scrapped the appie and in lieu he offered us a free dessert.

we always have such odd “luck” at Earls. We went there after work once with someone the girls from the office. our waitress proceeded to spill an entire bellini on john’s lap (…arm…pants…shoes…floor…). they offered to cover any dry cleaning costs but it wasn’t too big of a deal, he was just super sticky for the rest of the night. they comped my bellini and we also got a free dessert. kahlua mocha mud pie can solve any problem mmmm. those jeans have now become known as “the bellini pants”. it just so happens that john was wearing the bellini pants last night. coincidence? hmm.. next time we go we’ll just get right to it and order a bellini – full of pulp – for his lap.
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