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just got back from surrey – good times. pizza and cake and presents and full bellies. my sis and her husband were kind enough to give us a ride home, back downtown. Anne’s finally posted pics from her journey out here on the best coast. she moved to toronto (blech) about… 6 years now? 7? to be with her boy. we met when i moved into the house across the street from her when we were 7 years old. we ended up going to the same high school (not elementary school because i was in french immersion) and then being practically inseperable until the Big Stinky stole her away (not Gerry, he’s lovely, I was talking about Toronto).

I visited her in August 2004 and it seems as though we’re crossing paths once a year, which really isn’t often enough. Tomorrow night I’ll miss her at my bday shin-dig… running amok downtown (‘running amok’ is what we did best) but i know the next time we get together, hilarity will ensue…with sexy results.

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