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okay okay

so there’s quite a bit going on in the city this weekend… i admit i’ve been completely cranky and difficult for the past 48 hours – i just fed my belly and went for a mini-walk on my break with Laura and i feel a little better. the canucks are currently scoreless in the 2nd period and i’m left alone at work to listen to Death Cab and be emotional. Plans is one of those albums that takes me back to a specific time last year — so does Transatlanticism – it’s so hip to be indie-emo 😐

since i’m in such a fragile mood i don’t think i want to blog too much – then everyone will know my innermost fears, desires, quirks, secrets, pet peeves… and i’d really rather just share those over time through hundreds of posts instead of treating you all this evening in one lump sum of a post. i think i’ll waste some time reading more blogs and doing some Tickle tests…will post the EXCITING results shortly….Zzzzzz

EDIT: so i took the smallest political test and it turns out i’m liberal – go figure. why not take a quiz about taking too many online quizzes…eh? 😉

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