this offering of cookies and milk

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Laura is buying me cookies. she’s on her break and just called to tell me there’s a 70% off sale at Athlete’s World. Our office is attached to Pacific Centre and at the north end all the stores are clearing out. so on top of all their boxing day/week sales, they’re all having lease expiry blowouts. i believe holt renfrew will be taking over that entire side of the mall (from the food court all the way up to old navy) nuts eh? i wonder what it will be like for us office people who walk through there to get to food on our lunch break – i don’t want to have to pass through Stuffy McSnob’s to go get a panini from Cafe Supreme. (which probably won’t exist after this…)
I ended up getting a sub for lunch today, although i would have prefered a nice soup and sandwich from Suzette’s – with the big ol thick multigrain bread and alfalfa sprouts mmmm…
today is shaping up to be just as slow as last week – it’s all going to start again soon though…the 12 hour days, the weekend shifts… earnings season is coming! for now, i’ll try to enjoy this slow time and put a top coat on my nails before i leave for the day.

EDIT: Bridge of death strikes again. I’ve blogged about it before and even John (after living here for only a few months) calls it the “bridge of death”. it’s utterly insane how unsafe that bridge has been for decades.

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  1. JennyTuesday, January 3rd, 2006 — 3:58pm PST

    You are just afraid you’ll end up with a pair of $1,200 jeans. I say put in a wal-mart, $2 lipstick makes you look much smarter than the $300 kind.

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