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last night at work i replicated the FIFA World Cup 2006 logo on the white board (as best i could). this summer we have the World Cup of Soccer (from Germany) which will be pretty exciting to see. I don’t follow a lot of football (soccer) but I really enjoy the thrill, excitement and skills displayed at the World Cup. It’s also pretty neat to see people in this city (which is pretty darn ethnically diverse) go absolutely bonkers in support of their country/team.

In world junior action, Finland vs Canada in the semi-finals and USA vs Russia. The Canucks lost to the worst team in the league last night. Do we need a new goalie? Do we need to fire our coach? So many rumours in the air.

Ack – there’s so much hockey going on right now yipes! Spengler Cup, World Juniors, NHL, the upcoming Olympics eee! We took a year off and now we’re making up for it. Although the Giants (WHL) were still on last year and they seem to be having a pretty nice season so far.

Tonight i’ll sleep like a baby. i mean i left here at 10:30 pm yesterday and was back at 8:20am today. that, combined with the sore parts from the long walk yesterday and i may even need to have a nice hot bath…oooh! i need to rest up if i’m going out this weekend. we have a Giants game to attend and then whatever is going on for my bday.

i just told Gus that if i would have walked all that way in heels i would be fine – but since i wore my new flats, my ankle feels like a cannonball. i’ve attached a map for effect :p (basically from our house – which is not on the map – down to beach ave and then that loop). we could have made it a little longer and gone around by science world but i did have to come in at 6pm last night, so we couldn’t go too nuts.

I kept throwing suggestions out there for John – how about the maritime museum? Planetarium? Science World? All places I haven’t been to since i was in elementary school. i enjoy what vancouver has to offer – places to learn and experience – whether it be about the north west passage, constellations or how electricity works. though i think what people enjoy most about vancouver is a nice sunny day after weeks of rain and wind. nothing compares to just getting outside (when it’s +10 degrees Celcius), having a view of the mountains, ocean air tickling your nostrils along with the fresh scent of the trees… the most valuable and popular tourist attraction in vancouver on a clear day…. is just being outside.

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  1. DarrenTuesday, January 3rd, 2006 — 1:00pm PST

    You may find this page of use. The comments feature a bunch of offbeat ideas for stuff to do around Vancouver:

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