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Hockey overload today! World Juniors: USA vs Finland in the Bronze medal game (which just started at noon) and then the Gold medal game, Canada vs Russia, which is to follow at 4pm. The Canucks lost AGAIN last night in a snoozer. 1-0 til the 3rd and then gave up 3 goals (after they all apparently thought the game was only 2 periods long). That’s what now, 8 of the last 9 that they’ve lost? They’re playing tonight around 5:30pm in Chicago but I think I’ll keep my set tuned into the World Juniors – then switch over after.

Reading the local vancouver blogs is a daily practice for me. I check out BeyondRobson, DarrenBarefoot and The Vancouverite (to name a few). I really just wonder why the Vancouverite keeps referring to Jenny Good as the Canucks Blogger. She posted maybe five posts about the Canucks and most of them were just gushing about Cloutier being a hottie and his lovely eyes O_o ?

Much respect for her husband, i’ve always read Matthew Good‘s blog and been a fan since i was 16. I think she/his wife is really beautiful, makes some pretty funny comments and like many, she keeps a blog about daily life – which is basically what mine is as well.

I’m just really uncertain why The Vancouverite is so obsessed with her. Perhaps they’re friends? Perhaps he’s a cousin? But when I’m reading about world events, vancouver news, shootings, bridge deaths, etc. i’m not sure how/why Jenny Good posting a photo of herself is as newsworthy… so that’s when i tune out.

Vancouver/Canucks Blogs: Vancouver Hockey Blog, Canucks Blog, Canucks OpEd, to name a few. Aside from blogs, there’s a great selection of Vancouver/Canucks Podcasts to check out, including Dave Olsen’s Canucks Outsider.

local blogs are really good reads. Whether you just want to know what’s new in the city, what happened overnight, what to do this weekend, who is who and going where, or you can just learn what people here are like. You can’t really bash someone’s blog. They’re personal expressions/opinions that people publish in hopes that others might enjoy reading them, find them entertaining, educational, humorous, conversation starters etc.

With that said… I took this gadget quiz on the BBC site and got 7 right. yippee skippee.

Edit: The ‘I’m Blogging This’ shirt is available at ThinkGeek. (Ladies’ baby-doll or men’s styles).

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  1. AnonymousThursday, January 5th, 2006 — 1:29pm PST

    hey could u put up a link to wear i can pick up that ” im bloggin this T”….please

  2. Dave OFriday, January 6th, 2006 — 1:37pm PST

    Thanks for the plug for the Canucks Outsider – I am gonna have to have you on a guest soon! I am also wondering why Ms. Good is pushin’ herself as Canuck blogger, I vote for you instead (you’re waaaay cuter too).

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