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So Shaw is getting into the phone biz while Telus is heading to TV land. Since I don’t have a landline i don’t really care about phone service, although i do have cable so perhaps Telus could offer some competitive deals/packages in the future. They’ve never been my favourite company – with all the labour disputes, crappy customer service/wait times (because they laid off so many reps) and overall unpleasant experiences. There are arguments for either side/either mega-company. I’m just glad those darn Hippo commercials aren’t airing anymore.
My niece (the cutest most beautiful and smartest 5 year old ever – family traits, really :p) is home sick from Kindergarden today. My sis said that she was upset and crying because she wanted to go to school so badly. Poor girl – I can see that attitude changing in the years to come but for now, poor girl.
Laura lives in an older building in the westend, on the west side of Denman. She’s been without hot water/heat/cable/electricity for 2 days now. She called me the other night while walking up 7 flights of stairs in the dark – the emergency lights weren’t even on. The issue was caused by reno crews who are there to repair water damage made by a leak LAST SUMMER. There are some people in her building that cannot walk up/down 7+ flights of stairs so they’ve been shut in without all of those ammenities for days. I keep telling her to move, not sure why she won’t….I mean there’s always suites available in our building 😉

And while John is still drooling over the latest gadgets announced by Steve-o yesterday, there are a few more companies attempting to adapt to the iCraze. i want me some iJeans to wear with my iBoxers. And in daily sleeze – Lindsay Lohan is messed up and Angelina Jolie has a bun in the oven. Thanks Laura/Chris for these fascinating tidbits, my day is now complete :p

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