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I’m officially going to be old soon. I have monday off although the weather is supposed to be totally sucky until mid next week. mmm warm rain. tomorrow i we’re going bowling then out around town. tonight i’m heading to surrey to see the family and celebrate my bday along with my cousin’s (which was yesterday). ooh and we’re also going to a Giants game this weekend.
What a long, strange trip it’s been. I ran into someone I knew from high school a few weeks back. She had taken off to Australia a year after graduation and just got back to Canada last year. I haven’t seen her in ages and then BAM – one day I start work late, I’m walking down Granville and there she is. We already exchanged numbers over an email a few weeks prior to that so it was a brief encounter – although we still hadn’t seen each other since 1999…

In the last 10 years I’ve attended university for a semester (and a half), managed a retail store in Metrotown, managed a production team for an online broadcasting company, moved to boston, visited michelle in london, travelled all over the US, tried to take over the world, moved back, watched my sister pop out plenty o’ babies and hopefully… i’m still growing and progressing (and trying to take over the world).

When you’re in high school it seems like THAT is life, that is all that the world consists of. And at a point like this I realize how much of a tiny speck on the windshield of my life it truly was. It did shape me and make me the lovely young woman I am today hehe (laura’s probably gagging right now reading this) – all i have to say is that nothing beats being a West Whalley Trojan – holy CRAP our 10 year grade 10 grad anniversary is coming up! :-O someone better get on that…

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  1. APAYFriday, January 6th, 2006 — 7:12pm PST

    hey don’t forget that you came to visit me in the T.Dot baby…yea that’s right… 😀

    Rememory…we got laid…saw Bawston peepz…you gave me gingerbread man…we’ll always have the gingerbread cookie…oooh ooh and OI OLAY!

  2. APAYSaturday, January 7th, 2006 — 9:04pm PST

    uuhh i just realized i spelt “lei-ed” with an “a”….like we got laid….doh…

    it’s lei-ed ppl …like the thing you wear around your neck…we’re not tarts….really….oops

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