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Tuesday, January 31st, 2006 — 10:17am PDT
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Yesterday the Pickton trial started. This is it – the big one – Canada’s BIG trial. He pleaded not guilty to 27 murder charges. I was telling John about how the saga unfolded 4 years ago when a pig farm in Port Coquitlem was swarmed with police and turned into a evidence-gathering base camp for months on end. He’s accused of murdering almost 30 women – most were on missing lists from the Downtown Eastside. This is a pretty disturbing story and when I watch Guy Ritchie’s – Snatch – it disturbs me even more “so be weary of any man who keeps a pig farm.”
… Canucks eh… Jovo – possibly out for the rest of the season – getting some surgery and so where does that leave us? If he’s out for more than 10 consecutive games that frees up some cash/the cap limit so that we could acquire someone else during that time — then thing is, once Jovo is back (albeit probably not til April) we’d have to let go of that person who came on. Sucky. He’ll be missing the olympics but I don’t think the team will miss him too much. Sure he plays a heck of a lot of minutes but he really is not the best player…Speaking of which, our BEST player – Marcus Naslund is taking it easy, nursing and injury that – if aggrevated – could be devastating to the Canucks. They play Phoenix tonight.

Things have been so busy lately, if I had a pda or daytimer my calendar would be full – instead i’m relying on little bits of paper and printed out calendars from outlook to plan my days, nights and weeks. I’ve started taking lunches to work and we’re eating at home a lot more. This saves us anywhere from 10 dollars to 60 dollars a day – yipes!

I think we’re also going to sign up for the Sun Run this year. I used to do it in high school with my running club. We’d show up to school at 6am and take off on a 10km run. We’d do the Sun Run, Run for Light and various others around vancouver. Although one year for the Run for Light the weatherman from UTV (now Global) told us to leave our backpacks under the warmup stage area. We did, and when we got back my bag was gone. I had my school books, wallet, clothes and michelle’s Forrest Gump piano book in there. That guy is still doing weather on Global and man… I still don’t trust him…

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  1. Jenny says:

    I believe it is City TV you are thinking of, not Global. Everyone loves Wayne and Zack, c’mon.

  2. Miss604 says:

    youre right about city tv.. but it was mark driesen i think.. not sure where he is now… bad man ๐Ÿ™ scarred me for life at age 15

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