pc load letter – wtf?

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This morning a bus – that had maybe 5 people standing in it – drove RIGHT past my stop and kept going. There were about 5 of us at the stop and it had even stopped at the last one to let people on/off. Sometimes… if the bus is REALLY full on a rainy morning it will do that, but there’s always another bus right behind as overflow. Not today, he just cruised on by – making me 10 mins late for work….ugh… I live just the right amount of distance from work where if i commit to taking the bus at 8:15, i need to take the bus because walking would get me there 15-20 mins later and the bus would take only about 10 mins. So by the time this bus passed me at 8:18, i was pretty much SOL. Hoof it to work and be couple mins late and out of breath, or just wait for the next one and be lil more fashionably late… meh, at least it wasn’t raining.
The Toronto Maple Leafs are in town tonight. The rivalry between the Leafs and the Canucks is like the Yankees and Red Sox. One always considered an underdog, two major cities in the country, and well… we just have a slight dislike for Toronto (and everything Toronto) around here. It’s front page news today and i would really give anything to be at that game tonight – so full of excitement and it’s bound to be excellent canadian hockey.
John’s freakin out about MacWorld today and all the announcements, rumours, and the KeyNote (which is coming up soon). I was never much of a Mac girl. In grade 9 Computer Studies (where I was the only student who got an “A”…a 99% “A” at that…) we “programmed” on Apple II GS‘s. Those were the days – especially because I remember playing Cross Country Canada on those same Apples in grade 5 😐
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