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the old crayola-oblongata

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Hockey overload today! World Juniors: USA vs Finland in the Bronze medal game (which just started at noon) and then the Gold medal game, Canada vs Russia, which is to follow at 4pm. The Canucks lost AGAIN last night in a snoozer. 1-0 til the 3rd and then gave up 3 goals (after they all […]

we'd learn how our bodies worked

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Randomness: Chris just sent me this article about Yupsters. I could really go for a beer right about now. We were trapesing around Granville Island (during our long ankle-wrecking walk) and came across the brewery. It’s a lil operation but would be neat to check out…and spend a day in…a nice…long..cold refreshing day. Hockey: Tonight, […]

free of crime, although, overrun with ferrets

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In addition to the note i added onto a post yesterday, the concern about Patullo Bridge is again in the spotlight due to another tragic accident that claimed the lives of 4 people. If you’ve ever driven over this bridge (as i have many times a week for the past 25 years..well as a passenger […]

this offering of cookies and milk

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Laura is buying me cookies. she’s on her break and just called to tell me there’s a 70% off sale at Athlete’s World. Our office is attached to Pacific Centre and at the north end all the stores are clearing out. so on top of all their boxing day/week sales, they’re all having lease expiry […]

there's nothin' to block your view

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last night at work i replicated the FIFA World Cup 2006 logo on the white board (as best i could). this summer we have the World Cup of Soccer (from Germany) which will be pretty exciting to see. I don’t follow a lot of football (soccer) but I really enjoy the thrill, excitement and skills […]