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may these gates never be closed

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US gov’t drops their plan to require passports for US/CDN border crossings (not by air/water) and instead is planning on having a PASS card. So in the future when i go shopping across the border i may have to have my passport and unlike our neighbours to the south, i’ll just need that along with […]

my head hurts

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He said that she said that he said… Matt Good poses some questions to local Vancouver – Centre candidates. Responses: Svend Robinson, Hedy Fry, nothing yet from the others. Meanwhile a group of Vancouverites will be gathering to view election results as they come in. It’s a great idea but I’m not sure I can […]

first you get the sugar, then you get the power, then you get the women

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Caught this on Darren Barefoot‘s site, it’s Craigslist meets Google maps (double true!) Pretty nifty. Craigslist got me through my move to Boston and even my moves in this area. I found my roommate, house, furniture (sold as well). John told me that he read an article about how they might start charging for […]

just pretend you're a duck

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Just one question… why do people already carrying umbrellas a) walk under awnings? 2) stand under bus shelters thus leaving no room for those without umbrellas so they have to stand in the rain? i’m not sure if people around here just don’t trust the water-tightness of their umbies, or if they’re just completely paranoid […]

teacher, mother, secret lover…

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just as i looked over at john and said – ‘where have all the mid-season stupid reality tv shows gone?’ i see an ad for ‘skating with celebrities‘. laura is a junky for this kind of thing, dancing with the stars brightened up her summer and she’s ecstatic that it’s coming back. the kind of […]