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Saturday: what the heck were the Islanders wearing? They looked like pumpkins, retina-burning pumpkin men. Second – 8-1 Vancouver, sweet. Bertuzzi with his 5th career hat trick as well. Tonight they play in Pittsburg. Poor pens… their coach sobs a lil too much… but i guess with reason… at least they haven’t had a blowout like the Sabres and Kings this weekend, 10-1! And hockey is back on NBC…good thing it’s not on FOX, blue for pass red for shoot, eh?
We caught the first period and part of the second when we stopped off to get some food on w4th on our way back from the Museum of Anthropology . John hadn’t been out to UBC so it was a nice round trip – and a lovely day on transit. It was his mom’s birthday this weekend so we sat down for a video chat with his parents when we got back home.

It was a great weekend, although saturday turned into Scarlett Johansson day. We watched In Good Company on movie central then she hosted SNL (ft. Death Cab). Intermittantly there were commercials for Karla. They’ve made a movie about Karla Homolka – that disturbs me. Anyone not familiar with the Bernardo/Homolka story, take a gander – but any stories you might find/Google could be pretty graphic and disturbing…

I noticed that Matt Good had put his blog on hold for a while (briefly..this weekend…). This happens periodically… he’ll take it offline for days, weeks, months. Throughout the years I’ve read his site/blog, his book, gone to shows etc. – classic fan. It’s pretty silly when you end up getting people calling your house to threaten you and your loved ones because you write liberal, opinionated, thought provoking pieces expressing your ideals. On a side note, yesterday we walked out of our house, down the street and almost right past Jenny Good picking up after her puppies. John was like “Is that Jenny Good?” and I was like “Is that Pete?! :-O”.

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  1. Canadian Women’s BlogsMonday, January 16th, 2006 — 11:38pm PST

    that horrendous about what Matthew goes throught from the freaks….you are a hockey fan. Cool! Then I see you wrote about Karla….arrrrggg…ironically on the news they were talking about that film saying there is a market for that movie and that Karla is portrayed as a victim in this film….I’ll never go see it…nor will I rent it because I know the story and her and the freak hubby don’t deserve the notoriety..nice blog

  2. Miss604Tuesday, January 17th, 2006 — 7:17am PST

    yeah… the commercials for the movie start with “an innocent girl…” and right there i was like huh? pretty disturbing for those who know the story.

    and on a completely different note – ya hockey! :p

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