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There a are a few good summaries of the election. Conservatives have the most seats in the parliament and Stephen Harper *shudder* is our new Prime Minister. Although we are not giving the Tories complete power, they have a minority government – meaning there’s a a lot more opposition to deal with and to share that power with.
Super Mario is announcing retirement today. Canucks lost to the stinky Blues last night – worst….team…in the league — hmm we do SO well while Jovo is away, then he comes back and we stink. Auld wasn’t in net but the guy deserves a night off – doesn’t mean we should fall apart. Stinky Jovo.
Im so darn sleepy and Laura is home sick from work today – so i have no entertainment. John made me a sammich before coming to work today, we’re starting to budget – which isn’t really tough except when we start craving…. It’s an awesome day in vancouver – the walk to work (again, part of the budget) was amazing. The flowers that Laura gave me yesterday have opened up and are giving my desk – and the surrounding area – a lovely scent.

I realize the new government is a reaction to the Gomery Inquiry and corruption in the Liberal house over the last dozen years and that canadian thought it was time for a change — not a drastic enough one to just vote “anyone but liberal”, they still voted with a conscience – this is reflected in the fact that it is a minority government. BC’ers were not swayed and Alberta (aka Texas Jr.) was swept by Tories. John is still scared of Harper — as am I — just stay the course.

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    Congratulations to the Happy Couple! I wish you a lifetime of Joy, Peace and Love!

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