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US gov’t drops their plan to require passports for US/CDN border crossings (not by air/water) and instead is planning on having a PASS card. So in the future when i go shopping across the border i may have to have my passport and unlike our neighbours to the south, i’ll just need that along with my drivers license, birth certificate, i.d. bracelet and barcode on the back of my neck… no fancy card for us (at least not yet).
I found out this morning that i’m eligible to fly free with WestJet the day after the election – fun! not sure how/when i would be able to get back.. or where i would go… but hey, free plane ride yeee!!

24 Hours has a story about burnt out supermoms. I don’t have any first hand experience although i know my sister is a super mom. both she and her husband work and manage 3 kids that are 5 and under. we have a great support system within my family but it still amazes me – and the children are so great.

i haven’t had much time to spend with john’s family and the kids on that side – he has 4 nephews and 2 nieces that are all under 12. it will be nice when we can travel again and spend time with his family which he’s been away from for months now. over the holidays all the kids broke into a charming rendition of Oh Canada! via iChat. well, it was to the tune of Oh Canada but it was more like ‘Oh Canada, you stole our Uncle John…’ very sweet and amusing *ahem* hehe. i know it wasn’t easy when i was living in boston – at the time my niece was 3 and my sister had just had her second child. i missed birthdays, family get togethers, holidays etc. one thing is for sure, they’re always going to be your family – and they can always come visit (just give us time to get a guest room setup… and to get a guest room) :p

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