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Just one question… why do people already carrying umbrellas a) walk under awnings? 2) stand under bus shelters thus leaving no room for those without umbrellas so they have to stand in the rain? i’m not sure if people around here just don’t trust the water-tightness of their umbies, or if they’re just completely paranoid of water. at any rate, this annoys me and my wet wet feet, shoes, pants, hair etc.

also, if you’re going to walk with your umbrella tilted down in front of your face, try to *sometimes* perhaps look where you’re going so i don’t have to dodge you and run into the street or on to the mud as we play sidewalk chicken – even though you’re not even aware what’s going on at all… anyhoo, home now, i have beer, i have hockey… 3-2… check out this crazy goal by Ovechkin (of the Washington Capitals) earlier today.

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