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Last night Preston and Linus brought over a desk for us. Seriously, half the apartment (at one point) consisted of things they let me “borrow”… hub, computer, desk, tv… We went for some good sushi then came home and set things up. We chatted with John’s friend Don for a while, me at my new computer desk and john still on the dining room table – although his setup is not as crude as one would think. i would assume he’s far better off than many – even the mobile podcasts where he starts recording without telling me right away and then somehow something about my shirt falling down at the movie theatre ends up being broadcast over the internet… ahem yeah… i digress… i love the fact that he’s so geeky and the fact that in that picture he still has the tag on his hat 😐
the sabres are in town tonight. they’re not too fancy, not too great, but slightly underestimated because they have a fantastic goalie. more smutty canuck rumours floating around about cloutier’s accident, jovo being in on it or faking it etc. it seems as though we’ve come into a lil bit of injury troubles as well.

Having already lost No. 1 goalie Dan Cloutier for the season with a knee injury, the Canucks are also without defenceman Ed Jovanovski (groin) and winger Richard Park (knee). Manitoba call-up Rick Rypien is also out for several weeks with a broken ankle.

And with the election only DAYS away, and the conservative platform still totally freaking me out, i come across this article about oil drilling in BC. I think those Liberal ads are getting to me – trying to make you think that Harper is funded by our neighbours to the south and other seedy things… although I think the eerie comparison of the conservatives’ site to the Republican one is spooky…and now there’s this issue and that coming out of the woodwork… although oil does seem to work for Alberta…hmm.

Over at Metroblogging they seem to be just as “comfortable” with Harper as I am… hehe

Being a new resident in this riding I really have to pay attention to the candidates – I know enough about Svend Robinson from his history as an MP and public figure – I know little about Hedy Fry except for the fact that she’s had a total dynasty downtown for quite a while. If she’s hoping to get re-elected I’m not really sure she’s doing enough – from what I see. As for Svend and the NDP… I’ll have to read up a little more – I also don’t even know the name of the Conservative MP in my riding. For someone that likes to make informed decisions, that ain’t good. And if you’re not Canadian and have no idea how this all works, it never hurts to Wiki it.

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