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We made it out mid-second period. Walked up to the place with the food and beer that we go to and saw the 3-2 score. There were quite a few Leafs fans in the room to enjoy this hard hitting, call-up-reigning, back and forth game. i was surprised when we had a turnover/bad pass in the 3rd period because Jovo wasn’t anywhere near the ice :p Burrows, Bouck, Kesler, Park – all stepping up and man do those vintage jerseys look sharp. We were so hungry that we got lost in our food for a lil bit but got right back on track to watch the Canucks win their 3rd straight, 4-3.

Anne’s msn display pic this morning is of a penguin Peek-a-Pooh. Anne (a different one) from my office got us hooked on this craze just before Christmas. They’re besically lil Winnie the Pooh trinket/figurines on a string that you can attach to your cell/purse/keychain – dangle anywhere really. But it’s Winnie in an animal costume. Mine’s a bumblebee. Anne (not office anne, Toronto Anne) got hooked during her visit out here when she acquired her hamster-pooh.

It’s now time for coffee and waking up – although i’m already at work… Tim Ho, Bucks or Blenz? what a life…

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