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In addition to the note i added onto a post yesterday, the concern about Patullo Bridge is again in the spotlight due to another tragic accident that claimed the lives of 4 people. If you’ve ever driven over this bridge (as i have many times a week for the past 25 years..well as a passenger THEN as a driver when i was old enough) you’d know how freaky it is to hit that almost-hair-pin curve especially if you’re stuck in the middle lane. it’s not that i don’t trust myself enough to stay in my lane and go the speed limit, it’s that i don’t trust other drivers. i’ve driven over that bridge at 10pm and seen an SUV with no lights on straddling the middle lane – coming my way. so many of the accidents are in THAT spot and they involved head-on collisions. meridians won’t really do much, I think the new Surrey Mayor has it right when she says – we need a wider bridge — better yet a new bridge.

While we’re talking about bridges to Surrey, why on earth did they only add ONE lane to the Port Mann? Sure it gives us a HOV (High Occupancy Vehicle) lane heading East but from 5am to 8pm westbound traffic is backed up for miles regardless. why could they have not made it a counterflow? they only somewhat solved the solution for one direction of traffic. There’s also the issue of twinning the Port Mann.

anyone who’s had to take the Patullo or the Port Mann KNOWs that some vast improvements need to be made to the major arteries around here. although more space/breathing room and quicker travel times (not because of speeding) equals potentially more vehicle traffic – and i believe that’s a main fear most people have. in an article by the Tyee “… widening highways to reduce traffic is like buying bigger pants to fight obesity: more room on highways will just encourage more people to drive.” If we build it, they will come.

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