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i fell asleep while john was watching the Outback Bowl this morning – football bores me. I’ve decided to include lots of new years pics in this post, although i’m still waiting for copies of anne’s pics from her visit. it was a good time, pretty mellow but it was with people i care most about.

earlier that day we received a parcel from john’s friend Don – the Rev – he sent us a lovely letter and package full of goodies, including DVDs of Mystery Science Theatre 3000. He also included a puppy for each of us, because well, everyone needs a puppy.

the evening started off with a visit from Tanya – haven’t seen her in ages. she’s fresh off a trip to calgary. She stopped by for a few mins since she was downtown.

then we got to work on the margaritas, john’s family recipe which is bascially… the nummiest thing you’ve ever drank :p

my brother brought some food from my mom’s house – SO much food. pizza, lasagna, pita bread, greek salad num num. we had a nice base in our stomach – we could now fill our bellies with much margarita goodness.

we played cranium and the girls beat the boys this time – my sister and i really aren’t used to losing hehe. nothing beats john’s version of “bloom” and here’s jen’s Eye, Full, Tower.

Also, just for reference – you can take a test here…

we got pretty silly. watched silly shows and then jen and sean passed out. jen had to be up for work at 6am in north van so it’s understandable. we weren’t hung over on sunday but we still stayed in all day. watching documentaries, eating cheese n crackers, enjoying the last few days off work until …well…easter? i think that’s the next stat.

i’m at work right now – we went for a humega walk around town today. took the water taxi to granville island, walked along the seawall on that side until the cambie bridge – crossed over and back around to english bay via yaletown. i tried my first soy mocha – the cream usually gives me a belly ache, it wasn’t too shabby at all. i look forward to the year ahead.

i have no resolution, i usually don’t. i just hope that everyone is healthy and happy in the year tocome. remember a job is just a job, family is first, live your life and always support your local podcaster:p 2005 was a bit rough and full of transition, who knows what 2006 will hold, i can’t wait to find out.

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