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john went wiki-crazy last night. he discovered that the skytrain has ‘…become the world’s longest automated light rapid transit system utilizing the world’s longest transit-only bridge…’ fascinating. on one of his first trips on the skytrain he commented about there being no driver and how that would ‘never fly’ in the states. aside from safety concerns and general mistrust in computers and automation…and aside from possible malfunctions and monster trains taking over the city and devouring us all… mostly just because if something went wrong, he said, there would be a physical being there on which to place the blame. don’t just sue the company, sue the individual representing the company that was in the train at the time.

americans seem to be sue-crazy. when i lived in boston there was rarely an un-swept sidewalk or pathway. if you slipped on some wet leaves – call up your lawyer on speed dial and note the address of the house in front of you. there was never a sidewalk with built up snow in front of a house or office. it was a liability. googling around, i came across this entry.

in other news…i was just reading the vancouverite this morning and had a chuckle at the Gingerbread man post. Currently, the world’s largest gingerbread man is at the Hyatt in Vancouver. It appears as though the Hyatt hosted the winner in 2003 and they’ve outdone themselves again this year. I thoroughly enjoy the Vancouverite’s comparison of the oversized cookie to the Gummi Venus from the simpsons. it is worth checking out (if you’re not intimidated or totally freaked out by such a sheer volume of sugary goodness) since proceeds go to charity. “Guests will be invited to decorate their own gingerbread man for a donation to the Canucks for Kids Fund. To Dec. 27.”

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