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Fun times. I’ve decided to organize my pics a lil better on Flickr. Went out for Jen’s bday on Saturday night. Everyone met at our house for margaritas before hand and we ended up watching Alexander – not the best movie but it suited as background noise while we gathered. It was a good night, jen had fun, that’s what matters.
We also had a brush with a celebrity – the guy who played “Luke” on Degrassi High (original). It was fantastic hehe. Degrassi was a staple growing up. The acting wasn’t the best and it was kinda hoaky but they dealt with issues that most teen programs don’t even touch today. (and certainly not like how the OC deals with issues) They seemed to be”real” kids who had real lives and problems. The shows were so ‘useful’ in fact that in grades 6-10 we watched episodes as a part of Sex-Ed. Like when one of the twins gets pregnant?! Or Kaitlen gets all boozed up… and the whole Wheels saga…. Spike… aw man. And nothing beats Zit Remedy. It was like 90210 of the 80s and they weren’t all white rich kids in Beverly Hills.

Recently they brought it back – Degrassi, Next Generation. Kevin Smith (aka Silent Bob) had always been a fan, he even references it in Chasing Amy and signed on to Degrassi’s team last year. Although he was able to creatively contribute to the show for those episodes, Degrassi has always been wholly Canadian so they couldn’t give him complete control. Go Canada eh…

Holden: So, uh, what do you wanna do tonight?
Banky: Mmm, get a pizza, watch “Degrassi Jr. High.”
Holden: You got a weird thing for Canadian melodrama.
Banky: I got a weird thing for girls who say “aboot.”

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  1. Anne PanMonday, December 12th, 2005 — 9:14pm PST

    so i’m lookin’ at flikr and i see me doin’ “the sit”…eeehehe

    rememory the sit?

    ooh ya and strangly…i see a large number of photos with you and elephants ?!?

  2. Miss604Monday, December 12th, 2005 — 9:28pm PST

    you have bendy legs! dont i have the pic of you up there riding an elephant? if not….i should….

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