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i had 77 visitors to my site in one day about a week ago when i posted the SNL “Lazy Sunday” vid (an all-time high for this lil blogger!). I have no idea who’s reading this but it seems as though there’s people from the UK, Canada, USA, Finland, Germany and Australia ‘tuning in’ to my daily not-so- adventures. i just try to write anything that’s on my mind – work, city events, family stuff… so i hope it’s somewhat entertaining. feel free to leave a comment anytime :p

now on to the canucks who broke their 5-game losing streak and defeated nashville (and their 6-game win streak) last night at the Garage 4-3. after being trampled by the alberta teams the ‘nucks slipped from 2nd in the division to 7th but after last night (and a loss by edmonton, calgary and the avs) they’re back on top in the north west. richard park got the game winning goal – i’ve got a soft spot for that kid.

the family is still passing around the stomach flu. this morning my belly sounds like bong water – i think i’m just hungry although still feeling a bit queasy. i haven’t done much for work today – just a bunch of invoicing and catching up on filing and reports. i work for a newswire service – we put out news over the wires. that’s right. i don’t want to get into too much detail, but it’s a pretty darn good gig.

I’ve posted some Christmas pics on my flickr. I’d love to put up more of my sister’s kids since they’re so freakin cute and funny and silly and adorable but she’s kinda iffy about that… and yeah i understand her not wanting pics of her children on the internet :p in the meantime, there’s pics of john and i, me in ikea with a lampshade on my head and me posing with the “Ladies Thong” my mother brought me from london that has the lovely logo on it “mind the gap”. Thanks Ma!

i think i’m going to run down to Tim Ho and get me a bagel for my rumbly/bubbly tummy. i heard that there’s msg in Tim Ho coffee – could this be true?

Edit: I’ll add some more suggestions for New Years in another post but I just found out there’s no First Night Vancouver – although there’s on in Surrey oooh! And I’m going to try and convince John to do the polar bear swim new year’s day…shhh 😉

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